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Crap. A year? Really? Crap. - The Control Panel

Date: 2008-04-09 23:24
Subject: Crap. A year? Really? Crap.
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I can't believe it's been a year since I posted. A YEAR. I am so made of suck, it is disgusting.

Top reason I suck? People have left me wonderful happy comments in my LJ. AND I HAVE NOT RESPONDED. This is unacceptable. People, if you're still watching me, know that I am going to resurrect ancient comments and reply to them. It is so kind of you to like my work and tell me so, and it is hideously vulgar of me not to respond.

Y'all, I think my writing brain is broken. Seriously. I can hardly hold a thought in my head long enough to tag, much less plot and write a story. I've tried to write the next chapter of Lukas's story more than twice, but each time, it fails.

If my brain ever works again, I do have a long story to wrap up the NCD world. It's awfully hard to write in, as there is so little hope and so much pain. But I think this story would help. If I could get it together.

I don't promise, because I've gotten people's hopes up before and failed them. But if it's there, and if I can ever write for real again, I'll get it down.

In the vein of crack!fic, Heiry and I have begun a new Stuart/Ben pairing. We can't help it. We're addicted. It will not be posted here, but on my insanejournal, as it may end up involving a certain young man in certain adult situations. LJ's delicate sensibilities might never recover.
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wrabbit: daniel
User: whatifisaidno
Date: 2008-04-10 04:50 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Hello! I'm a fan of the NCD 'verse, although I can't remember if I ever left any comments. I hope you get your groove back.
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User: remyheart
Date: 2008-05-04 15:02 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
I think you did, cause your name seems familiar. :) Thank you! I suspect my problem is laziness. Which is bad and wrong, but I'm not sure I can stop being so lazy. Ugh.
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